Masked Emotions, now into spotlight!

The first product in the world that also addresses the psychological issues related to wearing facial coverings!

Children are expressing themselves much better through facial emotions than verbalisation or other forms of body language.

“Maskedemoji” kit stimulates them to reveal their emotions through creativity.

Their active participation to develop the product by involving several activities, will increase their interest to use this very eficient face covering in the community; communicating their individual states to other children or adults by personalizing and changing emoticons.

If you choose “Maskedemoji” on blue background

It is the most beloved color. You look like a calm and confident child, sensitive to the needs of friends and family! Although you love harmony, serenity, patience and peace, you are eager and ready for change!

“Maskedemoji” on white background

You want everything to be clean and right; that’s how you learned as a child! You are kind, gentle and a sincere child. If you prefer white, you can easily adapt to any situation!

If you choose “Maskedemoji” on pink background

You look like a talented kid, friendly, sweet, nice, gentle, loving and affectionate. You’re always telling others that you want to feel loved by the family and friends and more; you want to be safe. You are a delicate and fragile treasure!
Colorless life is not a full life! Colors convey emotion, create moods and influence our outside energy. Choose the color of your soul!

Be different. Show how you feel!

Protecting yourself can also be fun!
Show everyone your emotions!

How it's made

  1. Draw your emotions on the yellow background emoji shapes.
  2. Cut out all the emoji.
  3. Cut the Velcro piece in 8 parts, then glue it on the back of the emoji.
  4. Attach it all to the velcro on the existing one on the textile one at a time.

Show your emotions!  Be unique, in your own way!

Tell us how your child felt and send us a picture with him wearing the emojis he drew at the email address [email protected]

We will organize a contest on Facebook, allowing the community to vote for the most beautiful maskedemoji from the first 100 photos we’ll get from you.

The winner will receive 10 „Maskedemoji” kits!

Simple and creative

Does your child know how to draw, cut and paste?
Surely! And we bet he likes to do that!  Help him a little and release his maskedemoji!